A Sweet & Simple Cafe Amaretto Cold Brew Cocktail

A Sweet & Simple Cafe Amaretto Cold Brew Cocktail

Mixing cocktails is a craft. There are some seriously talented people out there that make delicious and Instagram-worthy boozy drinks. But today we're writing for those who aren't pros at cocktail creation. Today, we're sharing a cold brew cocktail recipe that any person can easily make in the comfort of their own home. No mixologist needed for this simple recipe! With a few ingredients, you can have this sweet caffeinated drink that will also give you a bit of a buzz. Ready to start your workday? We're kidding—kind of.

This recipe is great for people who enjoy their coffee with a bit of sweetness. If you like a more bitter taste, then you can check out some of our other cocktail recipes on our blog

Let's get started! Here's our own cold brew coffee creation: a cafe amaretto with a sweet kick.

What you need:

  • 1 oz (or 1/4 cup) of Cold Brew Club concentrate (check out our monthly subscription program)
  • 8 oz (or 1 cup) of water
  • 1.5oz (or 1 shot glass) Kahlua coffee liquor 
  • 1.5oz (or 1 shot glass) Amaretto almond liquor
  • 1 teaspoon of a flavor additive, like vanilla, caramel, or whatever you prefer. (We're using salted dark chocolate espresso from Skinny Mixes.) 
  • Whipped cream (optional)

Cold brew cocktail ingredients


Make your cold brew cocktail in 4 steps

Step 1:

Combine the Kahlua, Amaretto, cold brew concentrate, water, and flavor syrup in a shaker. Add ice to give it a wet shake. 

Step 2:

Shake, shake, shake!

Step 3:

Strain your cocktail so you pour it into a glass without the ice. The ice will water down your cocktail, and you don't want that! 

Step 4:

Top with anything else you desire for an extra bit of sweet. We used whip cream. Shaved chocolate or caramel sauce would be delicious too. 

That's all it takes to make this simple cocktail. Now go try it for yourself!

Ready to get your hands on Cold Brew Club?

Cold Brew Club offers a monthly subscription program where you can get cold brew coffee delivered right to your home. Our pouch of coffee concentrate will create 30 large cups of coffee, and it lasts 90 days in the fridge. All you have to do is add water. 

Once you get the coffee, you can start creating the cocktails. Get your booze on and enjoy!

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