Try This New Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail: Up and At 'Em

Try This New Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail: Up and At 'Em

Rise and shine, fellow cold brew coffee lovers! It’s time for a recipe that’ll give you a kick of energy and maybe even a slight buzz too. We’re introducing our latest cold brew coffee recipe: Up and At’ Em. This recipe is perfect for a Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon. Or, enjoy this on a Monday morning to help you get started with a busy work week (hey—we don’t judge). 

Up and At ‘Em is super simple for anyone to make. With ingredients that are easily found at any local liquor and grocery store, you’ll have a delicious way to enjoy your cold brew club monthly brew with a boozy addition. 

Cold brew coffee cocktail


Here’s what you need:

- 1.5oz Bourbon

- .5oz Kahlua

- .75oz Maple Syrup

- 1 Whole Egg

- 1oz Cold Brew Concentrate    



Dry shake all your ingredients together. Dry shaking means shaking your ingredients without ice in the shaker.


STEP 2: 

Next, wet shake your cocktail. That means adding ice to “wake up” the cocktail. 



Double strain your cocktail. That means adding a second layer of mesh over top of your regular strainer. This ensures there are no small ingredients in your cocktail.


STEP 4: 

Top your drink with shaved dark chocolate for a bit more sweetness.

Voila! That’s all it takes to make Cold Brew Club’s Up and At ‘Em drink using cold brew concentrate and a few other ingredients. Now go make it yourself and enjoy. 

Credit: @sweet.cp


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