What is Cold Brew Coffee, and Why You Need to Try it

What is Cold Brew Coffee, and Why You Need to Try it

Over the years, you’ve probably seen more and more coffee shops start to sell something called Cold Brew. If you’ve never tried Cold Brew Coffee before, you may be wondering, “What is this cold brew coffee thing everyone seems to be so crazy about?” Don’t worry—we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Cold Brew Coffee, and why you need to try it. For those of you who love coffee of all kinds, Cold Brew Coffee (and Cold Brew Club) may be your next coffee craze. 


Although Cold Brew has recently popped up as a trend in North America, it’s been enjoyed in Japan for hundreds of years. In fact, the first evidence of true cold-brewed coffee (meaning it was actually made with cold water) originated in Japan. Dating all the way back to the 1600s, Cold Brew Coffee was first called Kyoto-style coffee because it was so popular in Kyoto, Japan. Over time, this style of coffee became loved throughout the continent of Asia. The Kyoto-style coffee eventually evolved when people experimented with iced coffee and instant iced coffee, but keep in mind those aren’t the same as traditional cold brewed coffee. It’s only in the past 10 years that North American coffee gurus have started to explore true and traditional cold brew coffee again, which is why it’s become insanely popular in North America today. 


Cold brew coffee is often mistaken for iced coffee, but each are very different methods of coffee creation. While iced coffee is hot-brewed coffee poured over ice with various syrups, cold brew is the process of soaking ground beans in room-temperature or cold water for long periods of time. Depending on the taste you’re hoping for, cold brew will usually soak between 12 to 24 hours. 


Once the beans have been steeped, all you have to do is add water, milk, or any other liquid you prefer to the concentrate. Finally, pour your coffee over ice and then your cold brew is complete and ready to be enjoyed. The taste of cold brew is much more rounded and mellow, resulting in a smoother coffee drink that’s actually less acidic than regular hot-brewed coffee. Cold brew coffee is more caffeinated than regular coffee as well, giving you the right long-lasting kick you need to stay productive all day. 


Like we said before, cold brew coffee is less acidic, more caffeinated, and provides a rounded and mellow taste. These are a few reasons why it’s loved by so many coffee drinkers. However, another reason why people love cold brew coffee is because you are actually able to taste the distinct characteristics from coffee beans originating in different countries. These types of flavors and characteristics are not as strong in regular, hot water brewed coffee, which is part of the reason that cold brew is so special. For example, with Cold Brew Club’s signature brew, Ascension, the beans are grown on farms at high altitude in Guatemala. This unique climate gives characteristics to the brew that can only be tasted when steeped and served as a cold brew beverage. 


Aside from a better and more-unique taste, cold brew coffee also provides a ton of health benefits. Did you know that drinking cold brew coffee can boost your metabolism? Well, it’s true! And it’s because caffeine can boost your metabolic rate, which leads to your body burning fat at a quicker rate. 


Also, since cold brew coffee has less acidity than hot-brewed coffee, it’s also a better solution for people that suffer from acid reflux. Hot-brewed coffee has acidity levels that impact acid reflux so much that people prone to it typically have to avoid drinking coffee in general. With acidity levels lower in cold brewed coffee, it may not impact acid reflux the same way for people who are prone to getting it, providing a solution for those who desire to have caffeinated drinks like coffee. 


Now that you’ve got the history, the facts, and the benefits, are you ready to officially try cold brew coffee? If you love coffee, and you’re interested in a sweeter, more-rounded taste, cold brew may just be your next coffee fascination. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to Cold Brew Club: a better kind of club for a better kind of coffee. Cold Brew Club ships a pouch of Super Concentrate (our name for steeped cold brew concentrate) on a monthly basis. You can simply dilute the concentrate with water to make 9L of regular strength cold brew. This will give you 38 cups of coffee, so you’ll have enough to last an entire month! 


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