7 Facts about Cold Brew Coffee You Need to Know

7 Facts about Cold Brew Coffee You Need to Know

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If you’re a coffee lover, it’s time you discover the beauty of cold brew coffee. Cold brew is a type of coffee that has been around for hundreds of years, but it’s only recently picked up popularity in North America. As more people start to enjoy cold brew coffee every day, it’s no surprise that others became interested in studying the drink to find unique facts and benefits. So that’s exactly what has happened. There is now a ton of research related to cold brew coffee, and we’re going to share some of that with you here. Let’s dive into some of the most interesting facts about cold brew coffee that you probably didn’t know before. 

  1. It can be drank by some people with acid reflux issues

Have you not been able to enjoy coffee because of acid reflux? If you haven’t tried it brewed cold, it may be your solution to your coffee needs. Hot brewed coffee has high acidity levels, which can trigger acid reflux, indigestion, and heartburn. Cold brew coffee has a lower acidity level, so it’s less likely to irritate your stomach. This is one reason why cold brew is so greateven those with sensitive stomachs can get their coffee fix when they drink it brewed cold.

  1. It may reduce your risk of alzheimer's disease

While we know cold brew coffee has many health benefits, one surprising one is its ability to protect your brain from certain diseases, like Alzheimer's. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, which can positively impact your brain’s functions. Alzheimer’s disease causes severe memory loss that's caused by a significant amount of brain cells dying over time. The good thing is that studies have found certain elements of coffee are able to protect against diseases like Alzheimer’s. Maybe it’s worth the 5 cups you drink every day after all!

  1. It could lower the risk of you getting type 2 diabetes

There are two types of diabetes: type 2 is when your blood sugar levels are too high, which can lead to serious health conditions. The good thing about cold brew coffee is that it could reduce your risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Studies even say drinking 4-6 cups of coffee every day can lower the risk. This is because coffee contains chlorogenic acids (an antioxidant). Also, cold brew coffee can regulate gut peptide, which controls and slows digestion to keep your blood sugar stable. Seethere are more perks to drinking cold brew coffee than just for an energy kick!  

  1. It can boost your metabolism 

When you have a high metabolism, it means your body burns fat faster. There are many foods, spices, and beverages that have been proven to increase your metabolism, and caffeine is one of them. In fact, one study found that caffeine can increase your metabolism by 11%! Basically, the more coffee you drink over time, the better chance you have of subtly increasing your metabolism. Another great reason you’ll want to hop on the cold brew coffee train.

  1. It tastes sweeter than coffee that is brewed hot

Do you prefer your coffee to have a sweeter taste but want to skip the sugary additives? Cold brew is a great option for you then. In fact, cold brew coffee has a sweeter taste due to the lower acidic levels. Because the coffee is brewed cold, the oils that make it more acidic are softened, which is why the flavor becomes stronger and it tastes sweeter. This also brings out the unique flavor profiles and characteristics in the coffee beans, so you’ll get a more distinct taste from the various blends you try that can be tasted when brewed hot. 

  1. It can put you in a better mood

It’s no secret that coffee will give you an energy kick, but it’s also known to improve your mood too. Specifically for sleep-deprived people, caffeine can improve cognitive performance, mood, and alertness. By improving your state of mind and performance, you’ll see higher productivity during your day. With cold brew having higher caffeine than regular coffee, you’ll be even more productive too, which is a nice added bonus.

  1. It has more caffeine than other types of coffee

Thanks to the longer steeping process for cold brew coffee, you can expect a much-higher amount of caffeine in cold brew coffee. This is because the coffee-to-water ratio is higher than other types of coffee, such as hot brewed or drip coffee. The results give you a beverage containing stronger levels of caffeine. Keep in mind, the cold brew concentrate is weakened once you add other liquids such as water, milk, or cream. However, with or without the liquid additives cold brew coffee is a great option for any coffee nerd that likes a good boost. 

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