The Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee Versus Hot Brewed Coffee

The Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee Versus Hot Brewed Coffee

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As cold brew coffee starts hitting the shelves in grocery stores and gets written in menus at cafes across North America, people have started to discover the delicious power of everything cold brew. If cold brew coffee is a new term for you, this coffee involves a different process than what you’re used to. 


Cold brew coffee involves steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in room-temperature or cold water for 12 to 24 hours. This creates a highly caffeinated concentrate that is diluted with cold water, hot water, milk, and other liquid additives. There are a ton of benefits to drinking cold brew coffee versus hot brew coffeebetcha didn’t know about some of these reasons why cold brew coffee is better.

Homemade cold brew coffee is better for the environment

If you’re buying your coffee every day or using a machine with single-use plastic pods, you may be contributing more waste than you know. Whether you use a cold brew coffee machine or a simple DIY at-home version, you’re likely only using ground beans, a single filter, and water. This means less plastic being thrown out, and a coffee concentrate that can be used for days to avoid making coffee every day.


Also, if you use fair trade coffee, brew it without electricity, and use reusable glass cups over plastic cups, you’re already doing your bit to reduce your environmental impact with your everyday coffee needs!


Cold brew coffee is less bitter than regular coffee

You may find your hot brewed coffee has a bitter taste to it. Whether you enjoy it hot or poured over ice, the bitter taste is still there because of how it was brewed. The truth is, boiling water causes your coffee’s chemical compounds to oxidize and degrade. This gives coffee the bitter taste it commonly has and is the reason for it going stale so quickly. 


On the plus side, cold brew coffee doesn’t have this problem. Since the beans are steeped using room-temperature or cold water, the chemical compound is not affected so intensely, giving cold brew the sweet and rounder taste it is well known for. 

Cold brew coffee has a more diverse flavor profile

Aside from a less-bitter taste, cold brew coffee also has a more diverse flavor profile compared to coffee that’s roasted with hot water. To explain, coffee beans all originate from various countries and unique climates. These climates tend to give the beans a unique taste, but this taste is not strong enough in hot brewed coffee for anyone to notice. With cold brew coffee, these unique flavors are brought out in the concentrate, making each coffee bean offer its own special taste and flavor.


With Cold Brew Club’s Ascension brew, the beans are grown at high altitude in Guatemala. This unique climate gives characteristics to the brew that aren’t the same as any other coffee bean. 


Cold brew coffee lasts longer than hot brew coffee

So cold brew coffee is less bitter and each blend offers a unique taste. Another bonus is that it lasts way longer than hot brew coffee. That’s rightno staleness one day later with cold brew coffee. Again, the reason hot brew coffee goes stale after one day has to do with the chemicals being impacted with the boiling water. That’s why your leftover coffee doesn’t taste just right the next day. However, your cold brew coffee concentrate can last two to four weeks in your refrigerator. Bonus! This also leads to less waste as you can continue using the concentrate for weeks after you make it.


If you want something to last even longer, Cold Brew Club’s concentrate lasts up to 90 days in your refrigerator and makes 30 large cups of coffee. If this sounds like what you need, check out our subscription program

There’s less acidity in cold brew coffee

Did you know that cold brew coffee has way less acidity than hot brew coffee? This has to do with the chemical compounds that get altered in hot brew coffee, making it acidic enough to cause acid reflux and stomach aches for people that are prone to these conditions. Since the chemicals in the coffee beans aren’t affected with boiling water when making cold brew coffee, the acidity levels are way lower, giving those who are prone to acid reflux and stomach issues a solution to be able to enjoy coffee.


There’s less sugar and other unhealthy additives in cold brew coffee

Some people enjoy adding milk, cream, sugar, vanilla, and other flavoring to their hot brewed coffee. This helps ease the bitterness and gives the drink a sweeter taste. However, these additives seriously increase the calories in your coffee and amount of sugar, making your regular coffee an unhealthy start to your day. With cold brew coffee, the taste is already naturally sweeter because of the brewing process. This means you don’t need to add any sugar or other additive to enjoy it. No added sugar equals healthier, always!

Get your cold brew coffee fix now!

If these benefits sound good to you, cold brew coffee may be your next coffee fascination. Lucky for you, we know a thing or two here at Cold Brew Club. You can check out everything about our brew or sign up for our monthly subscription program to start your cold brew coffee adventure.

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