About Us


Since 2019 Mike and Tash Maleszyk have been chipping away at prototyping, recipe development, and sourcing.

With backgrounds in consumers goods and apparel, they saw a gap in the Cold Brew Coffee market that needed to be addressed.

Cold Brew at the café was expensive, and mainstream distribution lacked variety. Direct to consumer existed, but it was fragmented between competing brands who lacked focus.

Creating a single SKU club membership was the recipe the market needed, and they were going to deliver it.

Since then the members, partners, and community around Cold Brew Club has become an extension of their family, and they could not be more grateful.

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Fiercely Independent


Being owned and operated by founders allows Cold Brew Club to be brand and source agnostic; maintain flexibility and integrity in sourcing; and operate with the highest ethical principles.

The Club is simply dedicated to the best cold brew possible shipping direct to its members.

As of today, Cold Brew Club has physical presence in Toronto, NY and LA.

Sustainability is in our DNA


To us, sustainability is not just a choice, but a part of our DNA as a business.

CBC chooses to operate in a fully carbon neutral model, ship with only recyclable and biodegradable components, and reduce the footprint of its members by providing a high quality alternative to pods and cafés.

Visit our commitment page for more details.