Frequenty Asked Questions

Where do you source your coffee beans?

We source our beans from the Passeio farm in Sul de Minas, Brazil.

What is single-sourced coffee?

Single-sourced (single-origin) coffee means it comes from one region worldwide. Our coffee beans come from the same farm in Brazil.

What is special about your water?

Our cold brew only has two ingredients: coffee and water. The water we use is some of the best on the planet—from the Netherlands and naturally filtered by the Dutch Dunes.

What is the cold drip method?

The basic method of making coffee is using hot water. Which pulls oils (coffee flavor), acidity and bitterness. Average cold brew soaks ground coffee beans in cold water and then filters to create the beverage. Cold drip (or method) slowly drips cold water through freshly ground coffee to make our cold brew. Giving you a smoother, sweeter, and less acidic coffee.

Does the concentrate really have only two ingredients?

Yes! Our cold brew contains nothing more than fresh Brazilian coffee and pure Dutch dune water.

What container does my cold brew concentrate come in?

Our cold brew concentrate comes in a pouch that will give you at least 38 servings. With a tap that lets you pour and mix with water. Easy to store in the fridge.

How long does the concentrate stay fresh?

Our cold brew lasts up to a year in your fridge after opening the pouch.

How much caffeine does a cup of your cold brew have?

Our cold brew contains 200 mg per serving, compared to 95 mg in the average cup of hot coffee.

What is the difference between a standard cold brew and a concentrate?

The average cold brew comes ready to drink. Our concentrate is ready to mix when you are. Add water at a 2:1 dilution (2oz of water for every 1oz of concentrate)—premium cold brew when you want it.

Can I mix your cold brew concentrate with anything else?

Add milk, plant milk, and any sugars used in your normal coffee. We recommend you mix it with water.

Why should I subscribe?

Our cold brew concentrate comes in a pouch that will give you about 38 servings, just enough to get you through the month! With a subscription, you can count on a new pouch being shipped directly to your door every 30 days. Or you can personalize your delivery preferences. Save 15% when you subscribe.

How much does it cost to ship my cold brew?

We have a flat shipping fee of $5.