The Best Coffee

The best coffee beans are grown at high altitudes where the air density, moisture level and low temperatures allow for a slower maturation process, leading to a richer and more complex flavor profile. Our beans are single-sourced from the Sul de Minas region of Brazil at an altitude range of 1000 to 1208 m on a small farm – the Fazenda Passeio. From Passeio, we harvest a variety of bean species including Red Bourbon, Yellow Catuai, Acaia and Mundo Novo. Once brewed, these beans feature hints of rich chocolate and caramel flavors followed by warm, nutty undertones.

Sul de Minas, Brazil

The Best Water

For our premium cold brew, we found the best-tasting water on the planet in the The Meijendel region of South Holland. The Netherlands are home to one of the planet’s best sources of drinkable fresh water, naturally filtered through sand dunes and untouched by harsh chemicals or heavy metals. The sand strips the water of toxins and pathogens, leaving delicious, pure and chlorine-free drinking water. 

Meijendel Dunes, Netherlands

A Better Way – The Cold Drip Method

The cold-drip method produces more caffeine and more flavor than any other brewing method. Cold water slowly passes through freshly ground coffee beans to extract the natural oils that make up the excellent taste and to avoid the bitter acids found in other brews. Giving you a naturally sweeter and smoother coffee.

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