10x Flavor | 2x Caffeine

The Cold Drip Method pulls natural oils from the coffee to create an unparalleled taste and more caffeine per ounce. With our concentrate, you’ll get ten times the flavor and over twice the caffeine kick in your cup than any other coffee. An average cup of hot brewed coffee has around 95 mg of caffeine, while cold brew crafted from our concentrate has 200 mg.

Every batch of our concentrate is crafted with care from start to finish. We drip cold water through a bed of freshly ground beans over the course of a few hours to extract an incredibly smooth taste without the bitterness or acidity of lesser brews like traditional hot brewed coffee or cold coffee made with the standard cold brewing method.

We use a centuries-old brewing method to craft the highest quality cold brew concentrate possible. Together with our superior ingredients – single-sourced Brazilian beans and pure Dutch dune water – our process produces a taste unlike any other.

Just an ounce will change everything

No more early morning coffee shop runs. With Cold Brew Club, you’ll get a fantastic, cafe-quality coffee from the comfort of home. It’s simple – just combine 2 oz of water for every 1 oz of concentrate, and enjoy!  Every 9L pouch of our concentrate will give you about 38 cups of regular strength cold brew – that’s only $1.55/cup! Save even more when you sign up for monthly delivery.

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